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Simplifying business is our specialty. Discover the

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Game Plan

At TapMental, we understand the pain of working 14+ hours a day, so we begin each client's journey by creating a compelling and precise vision of their desired future. This long-term perspective acts as a map, steering the organization's strategic direction, values, and decision-making. With a well-defined vision in place,  you can focus on what matters most, your customers.

Data & Analytics

At TapMental, we provide the expertise and tools necessary to manage and leverage your data, empowering your business to thrive and achieve remarkable financial growth. Effective utilization of business data is a common denominator among successful businesses. Without robust tracking and reporting systems, achieving 7 or 8 Figure Status becomes challenging for your business. 

Systems & Agile Workflows

Without Agile workflows, businesses face challenges in adapting to change, inefficient project management, and lack of collaboration. Streamline work processes and achieve better project delivery with TapMental's Agile workflows. TapMental's Agile expertise optimizes project management, enhances stakeholder satisfaction, and drives adaptability. 

Effective Team


Don't let poor team dynamics hinder your business with low morale, turnover, decreased productivity, and communication breakdowns. Improve your company's culture and ensure future success. Our expertise in optimizing team dynamics enhances performance, productivity, and morale by addressing individual personalities, roles, relationships, communication styles, and leadership.. Trust TapMental to foster a positive work environment, driving innovation, teamwork, and growth.


Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, delays, errors, and customer dissatisfaction while hindering collaboration and reducing productivity. Strong leadership and effective communication are crucial for guiding employees, setting clear expectations, fostering collaboration, and driving organizational success. Tapmental will assist you to Enhance productivity and clarity in your business communication.


Poor execution in business hinders success with missed deadlines, project inefficiencies, low customer satisfaction, and a lack of accountability. At TapMental, we specialize in strategy implementation and operations management, ensuring tangible results through efficient coordination. Our focus on execution drives growth and competitive advantage, transforming ideas into outcomes.

Our Principles

Helping businesses increase annual revenue and get

back time through optimized systems and increased

efficiencies customized for your businesses needs.

How Does it WORK?

Free Analysis

Schedule a complimentary consultation with the tapmental team to determine if we are a good fit for each other. >>>

Free Consultation

If you find the free consultation call enjoyable and it aligns with your criteria, we can proceed to schedule an official kickoff for our engagement. >>>

Free Plan

One of our initial focuses at tapmental is creating a 90 Day Operations Roadmap. Our objective is to relieve you from the day-to-day operations of your business, enabling it to thrive and expand independently.>>>


Following our initial 90-day sprint, we seamlessly transition our partnership into a retained consultancy model, offering continuous support as you navigate every stage of your businesses growth.. >>>

Here's What They Have To Say

Curious about what our clients have said about our work?

Scroll no further, and take a peek at some of our top performers below.

Rob C. Ray Jr.

Ray Corporation - CEO/President

Since working with tapmental, I received encouragement, accountability, and knowledge to regain the belief that success was possible. I cut out toxic customers and workers, which enabled me to restore a healthy team culture. David provided weekly conversations and helped me walk forward with my head up to lead the organization forward. This year I fulfilled a dream of mine. I was invited to speak at Robert Kiyosaki's real estate event.

Dan Yoder

Sign Art Studio - President

We saw an almost immediate shift in the concerns and approaches concerning revenue growth. We quickly realized we had to get back to what we did best as a company, and within days, we had new

opportunities show up for us. Dave Rocks!

Betsy Vargas

Founder/President of Betsy Coaching & Consulting

The ELI assessment has been a game-changer for me. It has given me a better understanding of my triggers and default behaviors, allowing me to manage and maximize my daily energy more effectively. Since going through the MER process, I have noticed a significant improvement in how I handle situations that used to upset me. I am less volatile and reactive; when I get upset, I can quickly move away from it and back into a state of flow. This has allowed me to take my business to the next level. I now have the time to pursue my passion for dog rescue, thanks to my newfound control over my energy and emotions.

Connor Paulsen

Uptown Creation, CEO/President

Through the ELI assessment and just 2-3 calls with Dave, I gained valuable insights into the operating levels and discovered effective solutions to vibrate at my natural higher self. As a result, I have become a more confident and influential leader for my team of 45+ employees. I have also taken control of my health and am leading a more active lifestyle. This has allowed me to be the leader I was meant to be.

Kia Atkins

Xanadu Builders, Operations Director

Working with Dave has been transformational for me. I now have the tools to manage overwhelm and stay focused on the work ahead of me. The MER process has enabled me to release negative thoughts and emotions that were holding me back from success. I am now more aware of any negative feelings that arise and can acknowledge them in the present moment. As a result, I feel empowered and in control of my life. I am more confident in my decision-making and have a greater sense of inner peace. I am so grateful for Dave's guidance and expertise. He has truly helped me to overcome my past and achieve my goals.

Jordan Ross

Founder & CEO 8F Agency

Working with Dave and partnering with Tapmental has been crucial in realizing my dream. Without his guidance, I wouldn't have had the confidence to take the leap and leave my full-time job. Since then, I have created my dream of building "8F Agency" and taking it to multi-million dollar revenue status. Today, thanks to Dave's support and expertise, I am fully committed to my business path and have a sales process that works for my team. I am confident in my abilities and convinced I am on the right track. I have a fantastic team today and am excited about the future. The support and guidance provided by the team are second to none, and I am incredibly grateful for their expertise and partnership. I am thankful to Dave for helping me turn my dream into a reality, and I would highly recommend Tapmental to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Their Success Can Be Your Success!

Jason Adams
Founder & CEO of MEGASLAB®
MEGASLAB™ was born from a collaboration between concrete experts Jason Adams of Sinclair Construction Group and internationally known industry expert. Jason Adams has accumulated over 20 yrs of extensive construction practices and techniques. He started Sinclair Construction Group in 2012 to provide the best concrete construction, emphasizing integrity, performance, and distinction.

Emily Bissen

Founder & CEO of Blue Heron Business Partners

Builds the Foundation for Creative Business Owners to Close More Sales, Scale with a Custom Business Development Playbook & System They Can Measure so They Can Stop Guessing & Start Acting.

Nate Sroor

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Pneuma Media

Pneuma primarily works with SaaS or Tech startups, as well as companies currently doing $1M-$5M ARR and looking to scale. Since joining the team, Pneuma has consistently increased revenue and new client acquisition month over month.

Justin Ray

Founder of

& Co-founder/CEO of North Co.

A7-Figure brand Sold my first Amazon Store before the age of 30

David Riggs

Founder Pneuma Media LLC

At Pneuma Media, They develop websites that grow your business. Instead of focusing on clicks and impressions, they link everything back to your P&L, so it’s clear that your investment in us is ROI positive.

How We Help!

We specialize in assisting business owners with escaping the daily grind by establishing a consistent cash flow, boosting profit margins, and enabling them to achieve their personal and financial goals year after year. Through the application of tapmental's "What If Principle," we implement improved operational processes and empower strategic management decisions.

We specialize in assisting business owners with escaping the daily grind by establishing a consistent cash flow, boosting profit margins, and enabling them to achieve their personal and financial goals year after year. Through the application of tapmental's "What If Principle," we implement improved operational processes and empower strategic management decisions.

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